Women in 2017 made up almost half of the labour force at 46.5 percent but still there are many more women who want to work. Over a third of stay at home mothers want to work and about a fifth of mothers who are working want to take on more hours. What’s stopping them?  A […]

Let kids be kids. Allowing one to seal off childhood as separate from harsh realities is a reassuring mantra. Indeed, childhood can be reduced to a place of play and comfort unrelated to the adult world, with many complex issues being of no use to children and potentially even being damaging when parents are trying […]

Across the world women held only 24.3 percent of parliamentary seats in 2018. Just a tenth of heads of state are women, and they occupy only 22.5 percent of the board seats of Fortune 500 companies (an annual list by Fortune magazine of the 500 largest US corporations).  In the UK 32 percent of Members […]

Going beyond Government policy and TEF rankings and adapting to student needs using a level of market sophistication will help HE institutions achieve their objectives. When I think of the current debate around the marketisation of HE, the theme of meeting student needs could help square the circle between public good and markets. Students have […]