During the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic the UK imposed restrictions on who could go to work. Its Office for National Statistics recorded that the number of people reporting high levels of anxiety had more than doubled since this lockdown began at the end of March. Unemployment and mental health difficulties The negative impacts of unemployment are […]

“She lived a long and disease-free life, completely lacking in vitality and satisfaction” – few would aspire to this epitaph. Yet when we think about health our definition often extends only to a lack of illness into old age. We have come to view health through a negative lens: regardless of happiness or quality of […]

While government and corporations have a huge role to play in sustainability, we also have a responsibility to take ownership of our own significant impact too. Not only will this have an immediate impact in our own small way, but the message to corporations and government will be crystallised: sustainability is relevant and important. We […]