Jobcentres are not fit for work. Two thirds of those on job seekers allowance have been previous claimants, hinting at temporary solutions being applied to permanent issues.  Even those working in Jobcentres are frustrated as they rarely have more than 10 minutes to spend on each job seeker per meeting; hardly enough time to discuss […]

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More contact hours and smaller teaching groups Surveys show undergraduates have two main priorities to improve their experience at university: more contact hours and smaller sized teaching groups. Simple enough. Given the considerable weight the National Student Survey has on spurring universities into action, we may reasonably wonder why student voices are not being heard […]

Are health restrictions helpful? Don’t eat sugary food. Don’t eat fatty food. Don’t be lazy. Don’t drink alcohol. Don’t use the car. The list of restrictions for leading a healthy life goes on. But is it actually helpful? Rather than a list of negatives, suitable and available alternatives would provide a better blueprint for what […]

“Today, the UK is a wealthy society. Yet a baby girl born in Richmond upon Thames is expected to live 17.8 more years in good health than a baby girl born in Manchester” published the Health Foundation in their What makes us health quick guide. The differing health outcomes for those at either end of […]

Government has a huge part to play in ensuring that sustainability is put at the forefront of our minds. Without its endorsement, it can be tricky for sustainability to seem relevant and practical in our daily lives. But government should not see sustainable practise as a burden: it is an opportunity for growth and for […]