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Could psychology be the key to solving climate change?

Current climate predictions… The IPCC Long-term Climate Change assessment suggests more regions will undergo adverse climate changes in the near future. This includes greater hot temperature extremes than cold temperature extremes on Earth.  This includes atmospheric circulation changes resulting in broader equatorial dry zones. Not only this, changes to the water cycle are highly likely […]

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The art of mass extinction: the unmaking of diversity

Endangered species, such as leopards, rhinos and the leatherback sea turtle are well-known. However, species are now becoming extinct that were never once discovered. At least 10,000 species will become extinct this year.   The current rate of extinction experienced in the past century is over 100 times higher than the natural background rate of extinction. […]

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What ever happened to the rainforests? The impacts of deforestation

Rainforests host over 80% of terrestrial plant, animal and insect species known to man. The Brazilian Atlantic rainforest is one of the five most diverse places on Earth, with a large population of endemic species -found nowhere else. There are many different host ecosystems: mangrove swamps, oceanic islands plus deciduous, araucaria and coastal forests.  Rainforests: […]