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Why employers should listen to the millennial generation

Often castigated in the media, you might be tempted just to ignore the millennial generation. Do so at your peril though as this generation has something to offer. Often we read reports in the media about the Millennial generation. Most highlight the generational gap with Generation X and the Baby Boomers and report traits they say Millennials exhibit, such as having higher levels of selfishness, a sense […]


Demystifying Millenials: an actionable Infographic

There are many freely available sources of research that describe Millennials’ attitudes and behaviours as if they were one homogenous group of people. But Millennials are not all the same. There are different segments of the Millennial population with different needs, attitudes and behaviours and therefore they need to be approached and treated differently, particularly […]

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Demystifying Millennials – Applying segmentation to win the war for talent

Your employer, if they are like the vast majority of employers, will be worried about the emerging talent gap. It’s been found to be the top concern in business – even more than Brexit and a potential slowdown in China. You probably are already aware of the problem and that it’s getting worse. In 2015, […]

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How to use the Demystifying Millennials Infographic

To develop an effective talent management strategy, organisations need to truly understand their current and future target employees, focusing on their needs, attitudes and behaviours. When Millennials will form almost 50% of the workforce by 2020, this is now more important than ever. Employee-based segmentations allow organisations to do this in a strategic manner, enabling […]

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How to use the University Students Market Segmentation Infographic

To develop an effective student attraction strategy, universities need to truly understand their current and future students, focusing on their needs, attitudes and behaviours as well as their hopes for the future. When universities are increasingly competing for employability rankings, this is now more important than ever. Student segmentations allow universities to do this in […]

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Market Segmentation: Avoiding a one-size-fits-all Education

Student choice is at the heart of Higher Education Reform. But offering better choices to students also means avoiding a one-size fits all education and designing relevant approaches that can be tailored to the different needs, attitudes and expectations of today’s students. This report offers in-depth insight into students’ lives and personalities and offers recommendations […]

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Market Segmentation: An Actionable Infographic

Higher Education Reform is challenging universities and educational institutions to develop a student-centric approach to education. But while many universities are increasing their research efforts to gain insight into their students, they often do this using traditional quantitative research approaches that only apply to a non-existent total. This infographic lets universities discover and visualise six […]