24 March, 2017

Why employers should listen to the Millennial generation

Often castigated in the media, you might be tempted just to ignore the Millennial generation. Do so at your peril though as this rather unique generation has something to offer. Most reports in the media highlight the generational gap with Generation X and the Baby Boomers and outline traits they say Millennials exhibit, such as having higher levels of selfishness, a sense of entitlement, a higher need of social recognition, a desire to having an impact on society and, of course, being much more technologically savvy than previous generations. But why are Millennials such a unique generation?

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11 February, 2017

Are employers changing the university paradigm?

It was never a dilemma a decade ago. Apprentices were supposed to be hired to learn on the job and graduates to be hired ready to start work, meaning that there was a preference to hire graduates over apprentices. But during my research on the talent gap, I have come across new evidence that suggests this is changing, as more employers are starting to hire more apprentices. The Association of Graduate Recruiters recently reported that apprentice vacancies have increased 24 per cent last year, and graduates, only 2 per cent. Is this phenomenon an opportunity to close the talent gap?

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12 October, 2016

Techie kids

Lately, I have been really debating an internal dilemma: how much technology should we allow our kids to use, if at all ? Many mums I speak to say that it is the way it is nowadays, and that as long as it is used with moderation, it is fine. However, as a Psychologist, probably because I overthink about the impact on learning and the brain, this topic makes me somewhat nervous. Needless to say that this is back on my list of worries when I read that Steven Jobs would not let his kids touch a tablet and how there is a movement in California of software engineers that take their children to private schools where there is purposely no technology at all.

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