French existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre (1905–1980) said “Man is the sum of his actions, of what he has done, of what he can do. Nothing else.” This intriguing line has […]

GCSEs + A-levels + University degree = Graduate job. That’s the formula for a successful career, right? US statistics seem to agree, given that the 2017 employment rate for those […]

History’s largest humanitarian crisis has been unfolding in Yemen since 2014. With one of the worst famines in 100 years and the largest cholera outbreak on record, Yemeni civilians are […]

Why digital social care? A 2016 government report projects that nearly one in seven people in the UK will be over 75 years old by 2040, nearly 10 million compared […]

This article is particularly relevant to the COVID-19 crisis. It offers a perspective on how we tackle complex challenges and reflects on paths to achieving global sustainability. In the article, […]

Hot competition  So you earned your qualification, now what? It is no longer enough to have a degree to guarantee a job. While the expansion of higher education is positive […]

Creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, communication. In an age where factual knowledge is available at the click of a button, these are the skills that will be most valuable to our […]

The proliferation of Massive Open Online Courses suggests a lot of choice in online learning providers, but are the resources available truly accessible for all regardless of ability, when some […]

Charity fund-raisers shock us with images of suffering children; news programmes show idyllic shorelines littered with plastic and rubbish. From the convenience of a TV or phone screen it’s easy […]

“Did you check the website?” – never a welcome question. In an increasingly digital world, this should be an exciting time for universities to lead the way with innovative solutions […]