Charity fund-raisers shock us with images of suffering children; news programmes show idyllic shorelines littered with plastic and rubbish. From the convenience of a TV or phone screen it’s easy to forget these aren’t fictions — they reflect reality. They are signs of bigger issues in the world that many projects and the Sustainable Development […]

Are a failing education and healthcare system to be blamed for London knife crime ?  Although London was ranked in the top fifteen cities in the world for personal security, it has seen a dramatic rise in knife crime disproportionately affecting BAME (Black and Minority Ethnic) teenagers and of increasing concern to the public, earning […]

The four years to 2018 have seen history’s largest humanitarian crisis take place in the war-torn country of Yemen. With one of the worst famines in 100 years and the largest cholera outbreak on record, the UN estimates that four-fifths of the Yemeni population (over 22 million) are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance. Has […]