GCSEs + A-levels + University degree = Graduate job. That’s the formula for a successful career, right? US statistics seem to agree, given that the 2017 employment rate for those […]

For decades, economists have treated humans ‘as atomic particles, rather than social beings’. Michael Spence, a Nobel Prize laureate, has argued “Missing from growth are many things: health, distributional aspects […]

Modern day slavery can be detected in our everyday lives, from the supermarkets we shop at to the clothes that we wear. Many believe that slavery is a phenomenon that […]

Jobcentres are not fit for work. Two thirds of those on job seekers allowance have been previous claimants, hinting at temporary solutions being applied to permanent issues.  Even those working […]

During the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic the UK imposed restrictions on who could go to work. Its Office for National Statistics recorded that the number of people reporting high levels of […]

The skills gap has been estimated to cost £10 billion to the UK economy in 2015 alone. This is an important problem experienced by employers, which are not easily finding […]

Often castigated in the media, you might be tempted just to ignore the millennial generation. Do so at your peril though as this generation has something to offer. Often we read reports in the media […]

There are many freely available sources of research that describe Millennials’ attitudes and behaviours as if they were one homogenous group of people. But Millennials are not all the same. […]

Your employer, if they are like the vast majority of employers, will be worried about the emerging talent gap. It’s been found to be the top concern in business – […]

To develop an effective talent management strategy, organisations need to truly understand their current and future target employees, focusing on their needs, attitudes and behaviours. When Millennials will form almost […]