Girls outperform boys at GCSE level at school,  including within STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). But then, before college, something curious happens: The number of girls taking A-levels in STEM subjects drops off, especially in physics and maths. This is then reflected both at university and in the workplace, where 66.2% of men and 47.4% […]

Women in 2017 made up almost half of the labour force at 46.5 percent but still there are many more women who want to work. Over a third of stay at home mothers want to work and about a fifth of mothers who are working want to take on more hours. What’s stopping them?  A […]

Let kids be kids. Allowing one to seal off childhood as separate from harsh realities is a reassuring mantra. Indeed, childhood can be reduced to a place of play and comfort unrelated to the adult world, with many complex issues being of no use to children and potentially even being damaging when parents are trying […]

Across the world women held only 24.3 percent of parliamentary seats in 2018. Just a tenth of heads of state are women, and they occupy only 22.5 percent of the board seats of Fortune 500 companies (an annual list by Fortune magazine of the 500 largest US corporations).  In the UK 32 percent of Members […]

All companies in the UK which have 250 employes or more now have to publish there gender pay gap. The BBC received some heavy criticism for their gender disparity and many other companies may also be in the firing line. One of the main reasons for the discrepancy is that men occupy more of the […]

Loneliness is not specific to one group, place or time. It can happen to anyone, and the long term effects can be devastating. In terms of mortality, smoking can pose similar health risks.  In certain groups, loneliness may result in more direct and tragic consequences. In the US in 2013, the suicide rate for middle-aged men, […]

When the Uk’s second female Prime Minister, Theresa May, entered Downing Street she stated that the UK could become the “world’s greatest meritocracy”. By definition this is a place where work is rewarded and nothing else; a place where who you know or who you are does not affect your career.  Many people claim that […]