Girls outperform boys at GCSE level at school,  including within STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). But then, before college, something curious happens: The number of girls taking A-levels in […]

Women in 2017 made up almost half of the labour force at 46.5 percent but still there are many more women who want to work. Over a third of stay […]

Let kids be kids. Allowing one to seal off childhood as separate from harsh realities is a reassuring mantra. Indeed, childhood can be reduced to a place of play and […]

Across the world women held only 24.3 percent of parliamentary seats in 2018. Just a tenth of heads of state are women, and they occupy only 22.5 percent of the […]

All companies in the UK which have 250 employes or more now have to publish there gender pay gap. The BBC received some heavy criticism for their gender disparity and […]

Loneliness is not specific to one group, place or time. It can happen to anyone, and the long term effects can be devastating. In terms of mortality, smoking can pose […]

When the Uk’s second female Prime Minister, Theresa May, entered Downing Street she stated that the UK could become the “world’s greatest meritocracy”. By definition this is a place where […]