This article is particularly relevant to the COVID-19 crisis. It offers a perspective on how we tackle complex challenges and reflects on paths to achieving global sustainability. In the article, Alex Bartholomew reviews Insight for Good’s July 2020 interview with Professor Randall Abate, Professor of Environmental Law at Monmouth University, New Jersey. She identifies a […]

Current climate predictions… The IPCC Long-term Climate Change assessment suggests more regions will undergo adverse climate changes in the near future. This includes greater hot temperature extremes than cold temperature extremes on Earth.  This includes atmospheric circulation changes resulting in broader equatorial dry zones. Not only this, changes to the water cycle are highly likely […]

For decades, economists have treated humans ‘as atomic particles, rather than social beings’. Michael Spence, a Nobel Prize laureate, has argued “Missing from growth are many things: health, distributional aspects of growth patterns, sense of security, freedoms of various kinds, leisure broadly defined, and more.  In May 2019, Prime Minister Arden of New Zealand argued […]

Endangered species, such as leopards, rhinos and the leatherback sea turtle are well-known. However, species are now becoming extinct that were never once discovered. At least 10,000 species will become extinct this year.   The current rate of extinction experienced in the past century is over 100 times higher than the natural background rate of extinction. […]

Rainforests host over 80% of terrestrial plant, animal and insect species known to man. The Brazilian Atlantic rainforest is one of the five most diverse places on Earth, with a large population of endemic species -found nowhere else. There are many different host ecosystems: mangrove swamps, oceanic islands plus deciduous, araucaria and coastal forests.  Rainforests: […]

Government has a huge part to play in ensuring that sustainability is put at the forefront of our minds. Without its endorsement, it can be tricky for sustainability to seem relevant and practical in our daily lives. But government should not see sustainable practise as a burden: it is an opportunity for growth and for […]

While government and corporations have a huge role to play in sustainability, we also have a responsibility to take ownership of our own significant impact too. Not only will this have an immediate impact in our own small way, but the message to corporations and government will be crystallised: sustainability is relevant and important. We […]

‘Sustainability’ is a word we hear a lot from brands nowadays. But are they just paying lip service to the latest eco buzzword, or is it a concept that can genuinely be incorporated into business practice while maintaining economic success? Extending product life and products as service Two thirds of global consumers and 73% of […]