Wilma Smythe

There are many freely available sources of research that describe Millennials’ attitudes and behaviours as if they were one homogenous group of people. But Millennials are not all the same. There are different segments of the Millennial population with different needs, attitudes and behaviours and therefore they need to be approached and treated differently, particularly in the practice of talent management.

This  infographic helps employers visualise six unique segments that form our university talent and understand why it is important to apply a tailored approach to talent attraction and retention.

This is not the usual infographic. Its accompanying notes will let employers understand how to think holistically about talent management and plan tailored approaches to attract and retain each different segment given their unique needs, attitudes, and behaviours.

The segmentation and resulting infographic has been developed based on research with a representative sample of university students in the UK supported by online qualitative research. Our insight and recommendations follow extensive research into the issue of the skills gap and talent management and are based on proven approaches to using segmentation in marketing and service development.

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