Wilma Smythe

Your employer, if they are like the vast majority of employers, will be worried about the emerging talent gap. It’s been found to be the top concern in business – even more than Brexit and a potential slowdown in China.

You probably are already aware of the problem and that it’s getting worse. In 2015, approximately one in every four vacancies went unfulfilled as a result of the skills shortage and the problem was estimated, in the same year, to be costing the UK economy £10 billion.
This report will help you and your organisation to win the war for talent. In it, you will find:

An approach based upon proven business processes already giving organisations a competitive edge in the fields of marketing and service innovation.
The detail you need to plan an employee-focused strategy to succeed in the challenge of talent attraction, engagement and retention. It will empower you with a fresh approach to talent management using a proven tool that drives business results: segmentation.
Recommendations for tailored practices to recruit, engage and retain talent based on the needs of candidates and employees. It will describe the different attitudes and behaviours of six unique segments of the university population that you need to understand if you are to attract the right candidates and retain the right employees for your ideal workforce composition.

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