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Day 3: Insight for education & employment

18/05/2021 @ 10:15 - 15:30 BST


The skills gap that exists between education and employment is the result of educational policies and practices that cannot adapt quickly enough to rapidly changing employer needs.

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing a projected loss of 195 million jobs globally, dismaying interruptions to education and a disproportionate impact on vulnerable and digitally excluded groups, this gap is only set to grow.  Currently,

  • Young people are approximately three times more likely to be unemployed than the average worker
  • Half of the global workforce will have their lives damaged as a result of the pandemic – this affects the most vulnerable in the labour market, including youth
  • Student anxiety has been increasingly common in many regions of the world, signaling the beginning of a mental health crisis among students

In light of these alarming facts, are education and employment set to become a privilege for the few? Insight for Good believes that older generations, employers and educational institutions not only have a functional responsibility towards young people but also a moral obligation. Indeed effective educational programmes should empower young people not only to become resilient and adaptable to change, but also to build the skills to change the world towards a fairer and more sustainable economy.

How can the discipline of insight be a force for good to steer this much needed transformation?

At our event, Insight for Education & Employment, we explore many challenges young people face, drawing from different disciplines that play part in the field of insight, and show how an increased understanding of youth’s needs, attitudes and behaviours is critical to help drive this transformation.

If you understand these insights, you are more likely to innovate and do the right thing to tackle your social challenge effectively.


During this event, we will show:

  • How new technologies are transforming work and how this impacts the opportunities for young people
  • How the world of education is adapting to fast changing challenges and why it needs more strategic insight to help students thrive, not just survive
  • Why putting insight and behavioural understanding at the centre of the education and employment ecosystem is the very first step in tackling the skills gap problem
  • How insights are offering value to the employability departments in educational institutions and employer human resources departments
  • How specific insight tools, such as segmentation and customer journeys, and disciplines, such as the Behavioural Sciences, can help design successful student experiences and talent management strategies.
  • How insight is already supporting universities and educational institutions to support the student experience
  • How policies and programmes that put insight are their core make sense and why they are being successful


Wilma Smythe

Wilma Smythe

CEO & Founder, Insight for Good (Host)

Andy Durman

Managing Director,Emsi UK

Diana Gan

Executive Director, EiM Ventures

Debbie McVitty

Editor, Wonkhe -Home of the Higher Education Debate

Filippo Montesi

Secretary General, Social Impact Agenda per l’Italia

Dhaval Mehta

CEO & Co-founder, TNI Career Counseling

To be announced soon

To be announced

Jessica Hunt

Senior Advisor; Head of post-16 Education and Skills


Welcome and opening
Wilma Smythe, CEO & Founder, Insight for Good
The future of work: how current and future innovations will shape jobs

  • The labour market sweet spot: aligning education, individuals, and jobs within regional economic ecosystems
  • The UK labour market – always changing, always evolving
  • What skills will be needed in future to drive a sustainable and circular economy
  • The need for data to illuminate micro as well as macro change

Andy Durman, Managing Director, EMSI UK

The future of education: should change shape the lives of young people or should young people help shape the change?

  • Why it is important to adopt a student-centric focus in a world of constant change
  • Why it is important to nurture the hidden talents of apprentices
  • What skills and behaviours will allow students and apprentices to thrive in the future
  • Resilience: how educators need to focus on empowering students and apprentices to create sustainable products & services, not just to be absorbed in change

Diana Gan, Edtech investor (EiM Ventures) | GEB member (Dulwich College International)

Empowering young people: a shared responsibility led through the humanisation of insights

  • Why it is important to put young people at the centre of the talent gap debate
  • Why students should be treated as real people, not statistics, and why we need deeper insights into students’ needs, attitudes and behaviour
  • What type of insights will help support young people to battle job precarity, increase entrepreneurship levels and their social value contribution
  • How Millennials are already shaping the future and why even younger generations should be supported to acquire leadership and creativity skills

Debbie McVitty, Editor, Wonkhe – Home of the Higher Education Debate

Combining technology and human capital

  • Gaps in learning outcomes and how to bridge them.
  • Balancing technology with the process of learning.
  • Career Guidance in Higher Education
  • Employment in Education

Dhaval Mehta, CEO & Co-founder, TNI Career Counseling 

Q & A Session: Tailored approaches to help reduce the skills gap

  • How insight tools such as segmentation are being used in the world of education to improve the student experience
  • How segmentation can help designing talent acquisition, retention and engagement strategies in both educational institutions and work settings
  • Employee insights: how a talent management segmentation can offer real value to organisations

Wilma Smythe, CEO of Insight for Good

Using nudges to improve student experience and outcomes

  • How are the Behavioural Sciences making their way in education
  • How the student experience can be improved through nudges
  • The future application of behavioural insight in education: student access, engagement and retention

Jessica Hunt, Senior Advisor; Head of post-16 Education and Skills, The Behaviourial Insights Team

Bridging the gap between insight, education and employment. Panel debate.

  • What sciences and disciplines are fit for purpose to understand the challenges young people face
  • Why should governments, corporations, social enterprises, charities, NGOs, think tanks, research organisations and associations collaborate to improve the opportunities for young people
  • What are the main gaps relevant to the use of evidence and insight in the space of education
  • Using insight to help define the future of education and employment

Panel Members:

  • Filippo Montesi, Secretary General, Social Impact Agenda per l’Italia
  • Diana Gan, Edtech Investor, EiM Ventures, GEB Member, Dulwich College International
  • Debbie McVitty, Editor, Wonkhe
  • Andy Durnam, Managing Director, Emsi UK

Remarks, next steps, and close.


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10:15 - 15:30 BST
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Global virtual conference


Insight for good


10:15 - 15:30 BST
Event Category:


Global virtual conference


Insight for good


Social Value UK
Social Value International
Social Enterprise UK
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