Latest Past Events

Day 4: Insight for social inclusion

Global virtual conference

We’re at a pivotal period in human history, where the current system of capitalism is in question as social inclusion now plays an increasingly important role in justice, commerce and society. In this event, we will draw on the latest advances in the world of insight and the social and behavioural sciences to show how organisations that embrace inclusion can innovate and thrive.

Day 3: Insight for education & employment

Global virtual conference

We’re in an unprecedented economic paradigm shift, where sustainability and a circular economy will be the goal for successful organisations. Are you preparing your workforce and students to lead this change? In this event, we will show you how advances in the world of insight and behavioural science can be effective tools in the educational & employment sectors by putting people at the core.

Day 2: Insight for health & wellbeing

Global virtual conference

With the number of global threats to wellbeing multiplying (COVID-19, cancer, obesity, mental health) we need to change what’s making us unhealthy. This event draws on advances in the world of insight and behavioural science to find the ways to help transform our health ecosystem, promoting wellness and healthy living for all.