Wilma Smythe

Higher Education Reform is challenging universities and educational institutions to develop a student-centric approach to education. But while many universities are increasing their research efforts to gain insight into their students, they often do this using traditional quantitative research approaches that only apply to a non-existent total.

This infographic lets universities discover and visualise six different segments of the UK university student population and offers insight into their unique needs, attitudes and behaviours, recognising that not all students are the same and therefore need different attraction and employability approaches.

This is not the usual infographic. Its accompanying guidance notes will let universities quickly understand why they need to tailor their marketing and communications messages in order to attract the right students and why they should enhance their career service offer and curriculum design in order to increase employability.

The insights are developed based on a representative survey of UK university students combined with online qualitative research. The findings show how these six segments are different among each other but similar within themselves and will therefore respond uniquely to tailored marketing and education approaches.

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